🎧 The United States of America vs Michael T Flynn

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Meet Joe Flynn, the younger brother of Lt. General Mike Flynn, who joins RayRay, for an emotional, up close and personal account, about the harsh reality, of what happens when a weaponized Government, with unlimited resources, takes aim at his brother. This left no choice but to initiate a Gofundme account, mikeflynndefensefund.org to offset these staggering legal costs, which have eclipsed One Million Dollars. The case is still ongoing!

This “First Blood™️” assault against the Trump Administration would never have happened, but for General Flynn’s support, friendship and alignment with Donald Trump.

  • Learn the affects on the entire Flynn Family.
  • What does this mean for our constitutional republic?
  • How did the Mainstream Media act?
  • Was the Obama administration complicit in this?
  • What lessons can be learned?
  • These questions remain, but shocking when it’s affected a true American hero who served his country for 33 years. 


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