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March 1, 2019
🎧 The United States of America vs Michael T Flynn
Meet Joe Flynn, the younger brother of Lt. General Mike Flynn, who joins RayRay, for an emotional, up close and personal account, about the harsh reality, of what happens when a weaponized Government, with unlimited resources, takes aim at his brother. This left no choice but to initiate a Gofundme account, to offset these staggering legal costs, which have eclipsed One Million Dollars. The case is still ongoing!
What does it mean to put an end to the electoral college? WHY IS THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE SO IMPORTANT AND WHY NOT COUNT EVERY VOTE?: Join Editor-in-Chief of America Out Loud, Malcolm, with guests Ilana Freedman and Ray Brookstein!
March 11, 2019
🎧 Coup D’Etats Always Lead To Chaos
History is always the best teacher, but sometimes the lesson is never learned…
Kat the Hammer and Karli Bonne’,

The “Special K Women” join RayRay!
History is always the best teacher, but sometimes the lesson is never learned.
Whether it was Napoleon, Franco, Qaddafi,
Idi Amin, or Castro, their intention and results were always the same…
March 29, 2019
🎧 Barbara Flynn Redgate Delivers the “Facts”
of the Mike Flynn Corruption Scandal
Every so often Major institutions must be taken down in order for Legitimacy to be restored. Some of our most sacred institutions, historically built to protect our Nation, have been seriously compromised, in their seditious attempt to swallow up adversaries like a Hawaiian monster wave….
April 10, 2019
🎧 Why do illegals get more Attention and Assistance than our Veterans?
For Decades, elected Politicians have failed miserably to concretely address and bring necessary resources towards the life and death issues facing our Veterans…

March 8, 2019
🎧 Laura Loomer Talks on Political Hypocrisy
Imagine being permanently banned from Twitter
(while amassing over 400,000 followers), Uber,

Lyft… Can you imagine, being permanently
banned from Twitter (while amassing over
400,000 followers), Uber, Lyft, and as a
Conservative Investigative Journalist, having
her credentials pulled at the Annual CPAC
Convention, minutes before
listening to President Trump?…
February 25, 2019
🎧 Confiscation of Our Guns is Tyranny
Guests Bob McCarthy and Grant Felldin
The 2nd Amendment to our Constitution is under siege. Some of the proposed legislative moves are overt, but many are covert. Either way, each is designed to chip away at our God Given right to protect ourselves and our Family. As speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi declared, a Democrat President would declare a “National..

February 22, 2019
🎧 Exposing the underbelly of the “New Green Beast”
Guests Karli Bonne’ and Irene Peduto
In 1973, the shock movie classic, Soylent Green™️ depicts life in America in the year 2022. A monolithic culture of Americans huddled and starving at the hands of complete Government control following the scourge of Global Warming. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the life we lead, left not a remnant of the America…
February 21, 2019
🎧 Is This An American Dream Or A Nightmare?
Guests Dan Herrin,
Cathie Long (Jali-Cat )
and Arnetta McCord
The 2016 Election of Donald J. Trump was the “Shock heard around the World”. The tremors in the aftermath of this cataclysmic event have not subsided one bit. The result has given rise to a Leftist progressive agenda that cuts to the core of Our American values. Predawn gestapo like raids, special counsel investigations, outlandish…
February 20, 2019
🎧 Is Hitler’s Playbook Alive and Well?
Guest Laare Mazurik
Has Nazism come to our American doorstep? The Rise of Hitler and Nazism in the 30s led to the extermination of millions of human beings, leaving a deep scar on history, affecting many generations to come. The key elements of His “playbook” on how do take control of a Nation, appear to be eerily on…
February 19, 2019
🎧 Through The Eyes of a Zoomie
Guest Meet Noah Ring
“The Greatest Love of all” written in the late 70s by Masser and Creed, and popularized by the late Whitney Houston, starts with “I Believe that Children are Our future”. Well, Ready or not, the future of Politics resides in the hands of our younger generation. These Americans under the age of 25 are known as, Gen-Z or…
February 18, 2019
🎧 The Tale of Two Countries
Guests Kat the Hammer & Matt RealTT

To borrow a familiar Charles Dickens title, The State of Our Union more closely resembled a “The Tale of Two Countries” who are embroiled in a Battle of clashing ideologies, like Column A and Column B on a Chinese menu. Every item on this menu has a polar opposite point of view, with no compromise position…

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