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July 4, 2019
🎧 Patriotism is the Heart of MAGA
Patriotism is at the heart of the MAGA movement and the major
force behind the President’s Agenda of an “America first” philosophy...
July 11, 2019
🎧 Socialism and Zoomers
Zoomers, those under age 25 will comprise an increasing significant percentage of our population in America, over the next few decades. The future of our republic will reside in younger hands, the question is, are they prepared to take the reins?
July 18, 2019
🎧 Internal and External Battles in Israel
While external Battles are ever present in Israel, the Internal Battles of forming a Government are taking center stage, as challengers to Benjamin Netanyahu take their shots. The last elections were deadlocked and as a result new elections are scheduled in September.
July 23rd, 2019
🎧 Winning California one district at a time – is it possible?
California has become a symbol of Socialism on the National Stage. The legislative, led by Governor Newsom recently budgeted healthcare access to any illegal immigrant coming into California. Talk about an invitation to insanity!
July 26th, 2019
 🎧 Fake news and the ‘Little Red Riding Hood Test’
Fake news and the relentless attacks on President Trump and his Presidency have centered around media pronouncements that he is an incapable, untruthful, and had been painted with a broad brush as a racist and a liar.

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